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The Dianne DeVanna Center offers highly skilled Bachelor-level Family Support Workers to work as parent aides. Our Family Support Workers are experienced with specific strengths in the areas of domestic issues, substance abuse and disabilities.

Strengthen basic personal/household daily living skills by helping parents with:

  1. identifying/organizing/maintaining personal self-care needs/appointments, accessing medical and dental care for family members
  2. food shopping/accessing food pantries/meal planning to ensure adequate nutrition, laundry/accessing laundromat/shopping/utilizing clothes closets to ensure clothes are clean, age and weather appropriate
  3. budgeting for monthly expenses
  4. maintaining a safe environment

Strengthen parenting skills by assisting with/helping educate parents to:

  1. understand age appropriate behaviors
  2. establish and enforce reasonable rules
  3. teach effective discipline/self control
    1. use non threatening language
    2. implement consequences
    3. use positive reinforcement
  4. ensure that child(ren) attend all necessary appointments
  5. participate in school/child care meetings and programs

Provide other assistance as identified by the parent and the Treatment Planning Team

To make a referral, contact Theresa Burke at 1-781-843-7010