On September 27th , we will be honoring the legacy of Dianne DeVanna and celebrating the community support, services and the deep commitment we have made in protecting our children. We are excited to have Marci and Jack Williams, long time supporters, join us this year for our celebration.

We truly want all family, friends and community partners to attend this event; therefore, we ask for a donation you are comfortable with as there is no charge for entrance tickets  We do ask that you register, either online below or through the mail in form, so we are best prepared to accommodate all those who want to join in this celebration.





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For many of us, we clearly remember the tragic day of 9/23/1978 when 11-year-old Dianne lost her young life to family violence.  The Dianne DeVanna Center, since 1978, has been reaching out to children, families and our communities to provide education, support and services so that children have a stable, loving and nurturing environment to live and grow. In 2012, the Dianne DeVanna Center became part of the Bay State Community Service (BSCS) continuum of care. Since, the Dianne DeVanna Center has been steadfast in its core purpose to ensure that no child suffers the same devastating fate as Dianne.

Our overarching philosophy is based on providing support, education and quality care to children and families with dignity and respect. We understand that parenting comes with great challenges. Additionally, families may have limited resources and/or have experienced mental health and/or substance use disorders in their families. We are fully committed to providing best practice parenting services, education and hands-on  help to ensure that the families can live and grow together in our communities.  Provided at the right time, services can make a profound difference in the lives of children and families.

It is our goal to become an integral part of the support system of the families we serve, providing parents with resources and education to help them effectively parent and meet the needs of their children in a stable, loving, and nurturing manner.